Gliss Master Wardrobe


Gliss Master Wardrobe

by Vincent Van Duysen

The wardrobe is probably the most personal and private piece of furniture in the home – functional yet mysterious and secret. Although an everyday object, a wardrobe is also a basket of memories from which distant moments from the past emerge unexpectedly in a forgotten object, fragrance or garment. Gliss Master is like a tailored garment, perfectly shaped yet easy to alter and change

Gliss Master, the wardrobe system, designed by MDT and Vincent Van Duysen, is constantly evolving to offer end users new and prestigious design solutions for contemporary living. 2020 marks the introduction of new external and internal finishes, doors with new handles and some internal fittings designed to improve the functionality and the design of the system.

Product pluses

  • 18 door types
  • Freestanding walk-in closet
  • Innovative recessed hinges devoid of visible mechanisms
  • Precious internal accessories (shoe racks, shirt rack, tie rack)
  • Innovative smooth sliding system magnetic shock absorbers
  • The thick back panel and custom squaring ensure excellent stability of the wardrobe
  • Wooden panels, frame, frame/glass
  • Systema 7 folding door (90°/180°) patented with an exclusive compass mechanism
  • Accessible external and internal corners
  • Wide modularity
  • LED lighting

GLISS MASTER — trinket tray with internal grid, grey saffiano drawer bottom


GLISS MASTER — men's drawer with leather trays


GLISS MASTER — shoe rack shelves transparent glass with pewter colour profile


GLISS MASTER ISLAND drawer unit — silver cembran, pewter colour "hold" handle, transparent glass top option

GLISS MASTER light chestnut structure, earth eco skin covering, pewter colour profile, LED lighting bars

GLISS MASTER — drawers in ivory tatami melamine front, "cave" handle

GLISS MASTER — "quick hinged" door, grey tatami melamine

GLISS MASTER — Sistema 7— 180° folding opening, extralight glass doors with bronze profile