Warranties & Claims

We take pride in our product range which is carefully selected to be made from the highest quality materials and with the highest standards of workmanship. If you have experienced a product failure then we would like to find out about it.

We are committed to complying with all our obligations under consumer laws. In addition to our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act, Dawson and Co has an extended material and parts warranty on some products from the date of delivery. In specific circumstances, some of our products may also carry an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

(Terms and Conditions apply). 

For more information on these warranty conditions and to understand if your product is covered, please refer to our full terms and conditions (link here

If the issue is not covered by warranty (e.g. accidental damage), it may be covered by your Household Contents Insurance. If you need anything from us to support an insurance claim, please contact us on 09 4761121. 

If you believe that your product and the issue that you have experienced fall within the warranty conditions, then you can start your claim process by filling out our Service Request Form below.

Service Request Form