Molteni & C is a company with advanced technology and a longstanding tradition. In the 1970s, it started to define its identity by following two routes. First, it implemented ongoing research in the sector of modular furniture, developing with Luca Meda's designs a number of solutions suited to all parts of the home, from wardrobe to living room and study/home office. Modular systems such as 505, 7volte7 and Pass, to name but a few, are designs in constant evolution, both in technical and construction terms, as well as in function and comfort. They have been highly successful and Molteni is considered a leader in this sector.

Since the 1980s, in particular, Molteni has proposed a large collection of single pieces that can with the modular furnishings create a home of simple elegance. From the types bound to the collective living memory, characteristic of the designs of Aldo Rossi, it came, in the 1990s, to produce furnishings such as those designed by Jean Nouvel, in which essence blends with advanced technological solutions, a research terrain that has always distinguished the company.