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Crofters Dining Table


Brand Noble Souls

Crofters celebrates the beauty of old elm timber in its most primal, natural form. No detailing has been added, just simple artisanal construction methods that highlight the timber’s beautiful grain pattern and characterful knots and fissures from its past life. The Italians call it arte povera or “impoverished art”, a return to simple objects and messages where the everyday becomes meaningful. We call it humble luxury, where the intrinsic value is in the most authentic, beautiful materials and the hours of handcraftsmanship that go into each piece. The name Crofters is an agricultural term, and refers to the farmers who live and work on croft land in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

The full Noble Souls range by Timothy Oulton available through Dawson & Co. 
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Dimensions (cm's) - 

90cm W X 220cm D X 76cm H

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