Timothy Oulton's Noble Souls

Timothy Oulton's Noble Souls



It started with a simple idea: Today's real luxuries are no longer things. They are those moments of blissful reconnection, when we feel ourselves truly alive, and when we deeply reconnect: with our own selves, and with each other.

And today, those moments often seem to escape us. We live in our heads, on our phones, in our screens, and we feel adrift in cyberspace. Ironically, in a globalized, digitized, and virtualized world, we risk becoming more disconnected than ever from our real life.


Have we lost something? How can we reconnect? Can we create more of those blissful moments of reconnection, a return to our senses, our true life, our soul?

We want noble souls to reconnect in different ways: with our own selves, through our senses, as enlightened individuals; with those we love, in spaces that allow us to soften and open up towards one another; with those ancient souls who retain a wisdom and craft that connects us in our life with culture and with nature.


In ancient cultures, men and women remained alive to life's essence: sensations and experiences rooted in natural beauty, real things, real feelings. A kind of humble luxury. Our search has taken us to places with enduring craftsmanship traditions that take place at human scale, by hand, using natural materials. We would like Noble Souls in this way to reconnect us, not just with ourselves and those for whom we care, but also through the things we use with the original ancient makers.