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Saddle Side Chair

Brand Timothy Oulton

"Harnessing an equine power and energy"

Thoroughbred elegance is mixed with a hint of the Wild West in this compact, slightly more upright version of our Saddle Chair. Harnessing an equine power and energy, the Side Saddle Chair celebrates an equestrian heritage of racing, hunting and the ancient game of polo.

Quilted for comfort, the Side Saddle Chair is shown in Buck’dN Brok’n leather for a distinctive aged appearance with scores, scratches, worn and burnished surfaces, all hinting at a storied past.

Also available in our other premium leather finishes.


Dimensions (cm's): 65 L x 76 W x 91 H

Available in a variety of finishes, please contact Dawson and Co to confirm options.

Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.