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Paradise Spiral Chandelier

Brand Timothy Oulton

Chandelier inspired by the magnificent Odeon buildings in ancient Greece and Rome, originally constructed for musical performances. Traditionally, they had beautifully carved domed roofs for maximum acoustics, with a space in the top for natural light to flood in.

The light’s spiral design mixes architectural elements from the biblical Tower of Babylon with the helix effect of a spiral staircase, bringing ancient drama and modern glamour to a room.

The full Timothy Oulton range is available through Dawson & Co. 
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Dimensions (cm's)

Small - 66 W x 86 H x 66 L

Medium - 77 W x 105 H x 77 L

Large - 93 W x 140 H x 93 L

Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.