Gyro Chandelier

Brand Timothy Oulton

The Gyro lighting collection is inspired by nineteenth century experimental physicist Leon Foucault’s gyroscope: a device used for measuring orientation. Extracting key elements from the historical instrument such as its multiple axes, the gyroscope has been reinterpreted into a framework of aged metal spheres fixed around a nucleus of candle lights. These sculptural forms have been redesigned into functional lighting fixtures including floor lamps, sconces, table lamps, and chandeliers, and are featured in two authentic finishes; Antique Rust and Natural raw metal.

Dimensions (cm's)

Small - 47 W x 54 H x 46 L

Medium - 82 W x 89 H x 82 L

Large - 103 W x 109 H x 103 L

12 - 14 weeks unless in-stock - Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.