Collapse vase

Audo Copenhagen

Collapse vase


Drawing inspiration from the fluid drapes of fabric, the Collapse Vase has a soft, organic expression. Whether clustered, paired or used alone, it lends sculptural beauty to modern spaces – with or without the addition of flowers. Each piece is unique due to the firing process.

Introducing the Collapse Vase, a softly undulating container for flowers or branches designed for Audo Copenhagen by Swedish ceramicist Sofia Tufvasson. Stoneware is shaped with soft folds reminiscent of draped fabric on the Collapse Vase. The matte glaze of the Collapse Vase – available in either ivory or black and in two sizes – is unique to each individual piece. Intriguing in both shape and shade, the matte-glazed stoneware Collapse Vase flows with folds inspired by fabric. Each piece is entirely unique.

Product info



H: 20 cm / 7,9”

diam 16 cm


H: 30 cm 

diam 16 cm


Black or white slip casted ceramic


Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.