The celebrated elegance of stone!

The celebrated elegance of stone!

The celebrated elegance of stone!


Natural beauty from Timothy Oulton and Wooden Stories!      

"Two new collections have recently arrived in store to showcase the balance between tradition and innovation, natural stone and contemporary design".

By combining age-old techniques with modern sensibilities, each piece in these collections is crafted to stand the test of time, both in terms of style and durability.

The natural hues and intricate veining of marble and stone are harnessed to create designs that are as unique as the materials themselves, ensuring that every item is a singular masterpiece. You will see how the inherent qualities of stone—its strength, its beauty, its timelessness—are seamlessly integrated into contemporary living spaces, bringing a touch of nature's grandeur into our homes. Welcome to a world where the Earth’s raw beauty meets unparalleled artistry.


Handcrafted marble mosaic from Timothy Oulton

Hand-applied marble pieces are assembled on the A frame mosaic tabletop to create a striking eye design, inspired by ancient Italian paintings. The humble trestle table shape has a rich history of use from schools to science labs to decorating tables to banqueting tables, with its simplicity of design enduring through the centuries. 


Limestone from Timothy Oulton

Combining the organic, unrefined beauty of limestone with the old-world charm of wrought iron. The Limestone Trestle table takes inspiration from 19th century trestle tables, at a time when iron first found its way into furniture design. Today, wrought iron is rarely made, and requires the skill of experienced blacksmiths. Contrasting with the wrought iron trestles, a tabletop cut from German limestone sits boldly atop. The stone is hammered by hand across the entire surface to create a lychee finish, so called due to its resemblance with the pitted skin of the lychee fruit. The stone’s beautifully rugged, natural look is the perfect foil to the elegant wrought iron legs.

New marble

Designed with a focus on durability, and style, these natural finishes offer a unique combination of aesthetics and sustainability with colours to suit a contemporary lifestyle.


Marble and travertine from Sketch

Combining the organic, unrefined beauty of bianco carrara marble with the warmth and honesty of natural oak. The Eden coffee tables celebrate organic forms - from the stone top which features no hard edges at all, to the timber supports which reject mathematical order in their placement and shape. Perfect for a sophisticated interior celebrating honest materials and seeking relief from geometry. Like ancient geological formations these coffee tables represent a balance and composure that is only ever found in nature.

Nero marquina or pietro grigio?

Choose from four stone finishes for the Alchemy table by Natadora. Stark and austere, with no fuss. The only concession to details is the thoughtful cut-out which, instead of being centered and symmetrical is offset, allowing the width of the legs to follow proportions of the sides, and to entertain the eye in a very subtle manner.