Polar Side Table

Brand Timothy Oulton

"Cool, calm simplicity"

Cool and sleek, in a unique hexagonal form, the Polar side table is a perfect accomplice to your sofa. Sculpted from Carbonstone, a cutting-edge new material that is created from recycled quartz fragments, through a technically complex carbon-based process that transforms the quartz fragments into a solid crystallised stone. Once formed, the translucent Carbonstone has a mesmerizing visual depth, as though clouds are floating within it. The top of Polar is polished by hand to achieve a high sheen and smooth touch, while the sides have been left with a matt finish to create some contrast.

Available in two heights - 50cm and 40cm, the Polar side tables look striking either individually or paired together.

Dimensions (cm's)

Side Table (40) - 39 L x 39 W x 40 H

Side Table (50) - 39 L x 39 W x 50 H

Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.