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Motu Teak Dining Table


Brand Cove Outdoor

You can’t go past any small New Zealand coastal village without noticing the abundance of small sailing boats. It’s a pastime that has put New Zealand on the world stage in beating USA to take the America’s cup off them for only the second time in it’s 144 year history. Ropes or sheets play an important role in the control of sail boats and the Motu collection takes its inspiration from the repeated shape of the sheets going over and under pullies through those the centre of the sailboat to harness the power of the wind and turn it into power.

MOTU uses a powder coated aluminium frame - arguably the easiest care material available for outdoor furniture. Cove Outdoor use only extruded and clean dipped rust-free aluminium, powder coated and baked to create highly durable paint finish.

Dimensions (cm's)

200 L x 100 D x 75 H

240 L x 100 D x 75 H

Available in a variety of finishes, please contact Dawson and Co to confirm options.

Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.