Miller Modular Sofa


Brand Sketch


When it comes to true lounging, a sectional sofa is perfect for sitting, lying, leaning and draping in comfort. With classic loft-style proportions, Miller creates a haven in any corner. A low back keeps it casual and arms are cushioned just the right amount for slouching.


  • Sylvia Haze No.3 fabric/light oak legs 
  • Montana Canyon Leather/light oak legs

Dimensions (cm's)

    • chair no arm - 92w x 104d x 72h
    • 2 seater no arm - 135w x 104d x 72h
    • 1 arm - 115w x 104d x 72h
    • mega arm - 145w x 138d x 72h
    • open end - 135w x 104d x 72h
    • corner - 104w x 104w x 72h
    • stool sq - 95w x 95d
    • stool rect - 92w x 104d
    • storage box - 80d x 20w x 36h
    • 2pc -  270w x 140d x 70h
    • 3pc - 400w x 140d x 70h


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