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LUX.302 Side Pole Umbrella

Brand Jardinico Umbrella

This freepole is synonymous for total freedom and elegance. Not only can the umbrella tilt in height, but also left and right. No need to move the umbrella! No matter where to sun is, you easily decide where you want the shade. Just like with the other Caractère umbrellas, the neat design and elegance shines! The canopy has a gradient of 10° which is exceptionally taut, flat and very innovative. All details are elegant, octagonally shaped: pole, ribs, hub, runner and base. The transition from pole to base is very subtle. The minimalistic stainless steel base is provided with all-terrain wheels that can rotate 360°.

Dimensions (cm's)

260 D x 260 W x 250 H

Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.