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LP 160

Brand La Boite Concept

The LP is an innovative interpretation of the classic, seperate element Hi-Fi system. Its All-in-one design means it can contain an optimal, made to measure selection of top of the range loudspeakers, converters and amplifiers.

In accordance with traditional Hi-Fi fundamentals, LP's analogue amplifier delivers a warm, natural sound and also integrates the latest digital sound treatment, so it is truely part of an era of dematerialised Hi-Fi music. Its digital audio file converter (32 bits Atoll DAC), precisely delivers dynamic high quality of sound, whatever the source being used (wireless devices, TV box, computers or turntables). Its integrated storage space allows it to store the most high performance sources and wireless receivers on the market rationally and discreetly. One power socket is all you need to make the whole audio system work.


Dimensions (cm's)

90 W x 49 D x 80 H

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