Kora 1 Seater

Brand Cove Outdoor

The crayfish fishery has a long proud history in New Zealand and even today on wharfs across the country you will find the intricately designed cages sitting silently waiting for the next expedition. Handmade netting woven around a bamboo or wooden frames, form the inspiration behind the Kora collection that captures you, cradles you and encourages you to sit back and relax in the sunshine.

KORA features CKD-MemoryRope® made from polyolefin threads woven to look like a rope, this is one of the latest trends in outdoor furniture materials. Highly fade, rot and UV resistant, MemoryRope® has a soft elastic feel to maximise comfort whilst retaining its original form. KORA uses a powder coated aluminium frame - arguably the easiest care material available for outdoor furniture. Cove Outdoor use only extruded and clean dipped rust-free aluminium, powder coated and baked to create highly durable paint finish.

Cushions are available in Sunbrella Caste Silver only

Dimensions (cm's)

1 Seater - 85 L x 85 D x 76 H

2 Seater - 144 L x 86 D x 76 H

3 Seater - 205 L x 86 D x 76 H



Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.