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Hamilton Lux Coffee Table

Brand Cove Outdoor

Sir Charles William “Bill” Feilden Hamilton OBE was a New Zealander who developed the modern jetboat. Hamilton never claimed to have invented the jet boat. He once said “I do not claim to have invented marine jet propulsion. The honour belongs to a gentleman named Archimedes, who lived some years ago.” What he did was refine the design enough to produce the first useful modern jet boat.

We have taken inspiration from the extremely hardwearing teak topsides of classic sail and jet boats, their angled edges and the exoskeleton like appearance they give to boats to give shape to the Hamilton collection structure.

HAMILTON LUX exclusively uses plantation teak wood - widely regarded as the best timber for outdoor use due to its longevity as seen in the boat building industry. Not all teak is created evenly, we hand select every panel of the nest grade teak only taking the most durable and clean panels. It is kiln dried to maximise moisture reduction and minimise movement in the timber. HAMILTON LUX is available in a traditional Natural finish, designed to give you a consistant finish for the lifetime of the product.

Dimensions (cm's)

120 W x 99.5 D x 24 H

Available in a variety of finishes, please contact Dawson and Co to confirm options.

Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.