Dedo Lounge Chair

Brand Gazzda

This chair is an ode to all grandfathers that live and have lived - the one and only rulers in history of lazy chairs. Thats why they called this chair 'Dedo', which is an affectionate Bosnian word for Grandpa.

In case you were looking for a comfortable, timeless lazy chair, to serve you through your lifetime. The Dedo chair is made out of solid oak, is ergonomic, strong, light and has uncompromising design. Dedo comes available in sturdy real leather. It's pillows can be adjusted in height, so that the chair is comfortable to people of any size.

Dimensions (cm's)

1 Seater - 87.5 D x 70 W x 101.5 H

Footstool - 46 D x 62 W x 40 H


Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.