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Alexander Sofa

Brand Cove Outdoor

Brass and teak are materials often paired onboard ships and sailboats due to their resilience to the harsh ocean environment. Alexander amalgamates these materials, setting the finished teak against a rougher, style brass finish whilst also referencing the structured composition of marine stanchions that keep a boats passengers safely onboard in supreme comfort.

ALEXANDER exclusively uses plantation teak wood - widely regarded as the best timber for outdoor use due to its longevity as seen in the boat building industry. Not all teak is created evenly, we hand select every panel of the finest grade teak only taking the most durable and clean panels. It is kiln dried to maximise moisture reduction and minimise movement in the timber.

Dimensions (cm's)

1 Seater - 90 W x 90 D x 80 H

3 Seater - 200 W x 90 D x 80 H

Please contact Dawson and Co to confirm availability and lead time.